Antibacterial Soap

Discover the superb range of antibacterial soap stocked here at Galleon Supplies with high quality cleaning solutions available at lower prices.

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Antibacterial Hand Soap

Antibacterial soap provides you with protection from bacteria to prevent the spreading of illnesses. Here at Galleon Supplies we have an exceptional selection of antibacterial hand wash in large quantities to meet all of your requirements. As we are constantly on the go, we can come into contact with various types of bacteria, so by using antibacterial hand soap, you can ensure that your hands are protected from everyday germs. Our range has been carefully selected to stock a variety of hand soaps that are friendly with sensitive skin while also leaving your hands thoroughly cleansed. Ensure your hands are clean and germ-free throughout the day, by browsing our collection now to take advantage of the fantastic deals and prices on offer. Alternatively, contact us today if you have any questions or require further information on our antibacterial soap products.